Why You Should Buy a Vacation Home on Long Island

Looking for a vacation home? Here’s why you should buy one on Long Island, New York!

Missing Solitaire on your computer? Play it online for free. Warning: It’s deceptively addictive

If you think you won’t get hooked playing Solitaire… think again.

Food Systems Challenge by InventFuture Global – My experience as a facilitator

During the last two weeks of July, I had the opportunity of working with an international team that had organized a global student challenge – the Food Systems Challenge! Here’s my experience as a facilitator.

When to Sell Your Home

Selling a home is a big decision to make.  When most buyers purchase a property, they see themselves living out their lives within those walls, but that’s not meant to be for most people.  The average person moves at least eleven times in their life, so it’s okay to admit it’s time for a change.

If you’re unsure whether it’s time to sell your home, consider if one of these life changes has happened to you.

Looking for ways to “waste” your time online? Here’s one of the best

What is more fun than playing games? Packed full of different games – including educational games – this website is my new go-to!

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Influencer Marketing – Yay or Nay?

What is influencer marketing and does it actually work? Here’s what I say.

Floor Cleaner Giveaway!

So I started a series of videos, putting my items I wanted to give away, as if they were advertisements for the items. Here’s the first one!

Review: Zumba with Sabby

This is not a review about Zumba. This is a review about Sabby and her Zumba classes.

2020 in Review ~ Goals I failed to achieve (and six things I’m grateful for!)

2020 has been quite a tumultuous one for all of us, and I am no exception. Here’s a review of the goals I failed to achieve, and the six things I’m grateful for.

Changing the battery on a Honda Spacy scooter

So, the battery in my scooter died recently. Obviously, I needed to get the battery changed; but every workshop I spoke to insisted that I have to bring…