This review first appeared on Facebook on 20 June 2020, and has been edited for this blog.

This is not a review about Zumba.

This is a review about Sabby Mun.

Everyone knows what Zumba is (if you don’t, click here to read!). With so many Zumba instructors out there, we are certainly spoilt for choice.

Perhaps you have decided you want to try Zumba.

Perhaps you are already a Zumba addict, and you have many Zumba instructors in your contact list.

Perhaps you are looking at “free” Zumba classes or choosing classes based on the fees.

My general advice? Don’t choose a class because it’s “free” or because the fees are extremely low. You generally get what you pay for.

As a dance/fitness teacher/instructor myself, I am VERY picky about whose classes to attend. I have attended classes by instructors that I never go back to, because I am totally UNIMPRESSED. I know I know, I’m a terrible snob. But teachers/instructors tend to be more judgemental of others because we know what it takes and what is needed in classes.

However, when I LIKE a class and when I RECOMMEND a class, it is because I totally believe in the teacher!

Who is Sabby?

This is Sabby.

Sabby is a full-time fitness instructor, specialising in Zumba. She is also a qualified personal trainer, and a proud mother of two.

So…. why Sabby???

  1. SABBY IS ENERGETIC. Even though this is an online class, her level of energy is just the same as how a class would be conducted in person.
  2. HER ENERGY IS INFECTIOUS. We go for classes because we want to be energized. Even though it’s through the online medium, her vibrant energy is radiating from the screen!!!
  3. SABBY IS SO BUBBLY. I did not see her smile come off her face throughout the lesson. Her enjoyment of conducting the Zumba class is so evident! It’s lovely to attend a class that the instructor enjoys teaching!!!
  4. SHE IS COMMITTED. Some teachers just “phone it in” – meaning they just run the class on autopilot because they have to do it. I have attended yoga and dance classes before IN PERSON where the instructor just “syiok sendiri” demonstrate in the front – it’s like watching YouTube video in person. I hate those classes. Why even bother showing up then?

    Not Sabby. She gets involved in the class and puts her heart and soul into it, jazzes it up, and does her best to amp up the members’ participation – even though it’s just online.
  5. EXTRA EXTRA JUST FOR YOU. Sabby includes extra stuff in her class, such as mat stretches. I haven’t seen other Zumba instructors include this. Mat work is included in Strong but not in the usual Zumba classes. This morning I was reminded how tight my muscles are. Haha!! Time to stretch more.My advice to you: Never choose a class because the fees are low. Always choose a class because it works for you, and very importantly, because of the instructor. And Sabby is awesome!!!

    She has been conducting Zumba classes online since the beginning of MCO, and is still currently conducting online Zumba classes. Fees are extremely reasonable (I have seen HIGHER fees for online Zumba lessons with YouTube-like teachers and stricter T&C).

If you have always wanted to try Zumba but too shy to show off your moves in front of other people / too afraid to go out in crowds right now / too tired to drive through traffic / too worried about Covid-19 situation, Sabby’s class is PERFECT for you!

Find out more about Sabby’s physical and online Zumba classes at her Facebook Page here: Zumba with Sabby

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