Senior Year : the must-not watch movie of the year (Movie Review)

Senior Year is a Netflix movie bout a high school cheerleader who went into a 20-year coma after a cheerleading accident. Upon waking up, she wants to go back to high school to reclaim her status as the most popular girl in school and to win prom queen. To watch or not to watch? Well… to me, it’s the must-not watch movie of the year. Read to find out why.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days: Feel-Good RomCom with Some Good Ideas and Funny Moments (Movie Review)

A romantic comedy released in 2003 designed for people who love chick flicks.

What’s Your Number? A pleasant chick flick you can watch to pass your Sunday afternoon (Movie Review)

Released in 2011, this is a movie that you can enjoy in passing. (SPOILER WARNING!)

The Must Watch Murder Mystery to hit Netflix: Knives Out (No Spoiler Review)

This is my SPOILER-FREE review of the movie Knives Out. Now you can read what is so great about it without having the movie spoilt for you!

The lack of sweet appeal in Zumbo’s Just Desserts

I actually sat through Zumbo’s Just Desserts Season 2. It was awful, annoying, and obviously rigged. Here is my scathing review of the show.

The Must Watch Murder Mystery to hit Netflix: Knives Out

So finally after seeing this movie being repeatedly recommended for watching everytime I login to Netflix, I decided to watch it. No regrets. It’s a great movie! Here’s my review. (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT)

5 Reasons why “Emily In Paris” is a terrible show ~ A Review

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon and binge watched “Emily in Paris”. My take on it? It’s just a cringe fest with little redeeming qualities that needs a lot of suspension in real world logic. Here’s the top 5 things I found annoying about “Emily in Paris”.