My second 50km road ultra at Route 68 2017

My second attempt at a 50km road ultramarathon was one of the most mentally challenging runs for me, personally. Especially with less than an hour’s sleep before the run.

TITI Ultra 50

My first 50km traversing ultra at Titi Ultra – one of the toughest road ultra marathons in Malaysia! I came, I saw, I finished!!!

Ultra Marathons – Loops vs Traversing

Wondering what’s the difference between a loop and a traversing ultra marathon? Here’s a brief explanation based on my experience.

I’m a MURA Bootcamp 2.0 Survivor!

Last weekend, I went for my first ever running bootcamp, which was organised by the Malaysian Ultra Runners Association. Learnt so much, and had a lot of fun! Read about my experience.

24H 2017

Another achievement to start the year with! Best ever ultra I’ve ever joined, best ever personal achievement to date.

My Third Ultra at the Bukit Cinta Ultra 2016

My third ultramarathon sees me running with significant improvement! I even made top 10, purely by luck.

24H 2016 – My Best Ever Ultra Experience!

My second attempt at an ultramarathon. This was one of my best experiences with one of the best organising teams, and I had done my furthest distance ever up to this point in time! As this event is more than a year old, this is a #throwback post.

My first ultra run at the Bukit Cinta Ultra 2015

My first attempt at an ultramarathon at the Bukit Cinta Ultra 2015. The sweat, the tears, and the pain. (Yes another overdue throwback post!)