2nd Eventbiz Charity Trail Run 2016

My first attempt at trail run, which was in February last year. Not much to report… just a lot of photos. Oh, and some videos I took of a really good performance!

9th My Balloon Fiesta 2017

I finally went up on a hot air balloon! …. A tethered one, no doubt, but nevertheless a hot air balloon. Read about my experience at the 9th My Balloon Fiesta 2017.

Malaysia Women Marathon 2017

I joined Malaysia Women Marathon again, this time in the full marathon. So many things did not go well in this event – both personally, as well as with the actual event itself. Read about my experience.

Lunar New Year Run 2016

The cute medal prompted us to sign up for this run, in celebration of the year of the monkey of 2016. This is a blogpost full of photos. Throwback post!