Another throwback post. Why do I keep writing these posts, if they are so old?

It’s because I have a mild form of OCD which requires me to keep all these documentations. Plus, I think my blog needs to appear updated, even if they are updated with events more than a year old.

I wasn’t able to find any friends who wanted to join this with me, so I decided to go solo.

I signed up for this run as my first trail run, because I have never run trails before, and I thought I should give it a shot. Also, since this was my first trail, I opted for a trail run that wasn’t too long. Being at the Botanical Gardens FRIM, and it being a charity trail run, the trail route wasn’t very technical, so that a leisure runner (like yours truly) was still able to complete it without too much difficulty.

Well… I sucked at trail. To be fair, it was my first time. On the other hand, it’s not an excuse that I can still hold on to, because to date I still suck at trail. But this excuse was valid during this run.

I don’t remember much else about this event,but here are some photos I took to commemorate my first trail run.

Runners warming up before the run
My Start Line selfie
And we’re off!
Going into the forest for trail
Part of the trail route
A waterfall along the way. Blurry shot because I was snapping it while running.
Trail runs in Malaysia are not always trail… there are roads along the way too
Finishing the trail run
One of the stalls by the fire department, selling anti-fire hazard equipment
Another stall at the gathering area
Free breakfast cereal for the runners!
And free coffee!

The most memorable thing I remember about this event was actually the performances, after the run. I normally don’t stick around and I go home so that I can get a good breakfast and my much-needed nap; but this one was captivating.

Here are the photos and videos of the performances.

The performers putting on a dance
Getting some of the members of the public in on the fun

And here are the fruits of my labour (i.e. my medal and my goodie bag).

The entitlement I received upon completing the run
The medal I earned by going through this trail

Thank you to EventBiz for organising this charity run!