Floor Cleaner Giveaway!

So I started a series of videos, putting my items I wanted to give away, as if they were advertisements for the items. Here’s the first one!

Changing the battery on a Honda Spacy scooter

So, the battery in my scooter died recently. Obviously, I needed to get the battery changed; but every workshop I spoke to insisted that I have to bring…

My Useless Skill

So, I have a completely useless and unmonetizable skill. I even made a song and dance about it.

DORAEMON Pastilles – Food Review

So, with all the hype generated about the Women’s Ministry of Malaysia’s list of ridiculous advice to women, especially the one about speaking in a Doraemon voice and giggling coyly when speaking to their husbands… I happened to find some Doraemon Vitamin C pastilles in my home.