What is… Zumba

You definitely have heard of “Zumba” before. But what is it? Let me tell you what it actually is, how it got started, and where you can learn!

What is… Cardio Dance

Cardio dance, aka fitness dance and dance workout, is a fitness workout based on dance movements. Here are the benefits of cardio dance, examples of cardio dances, and where to learn!

What is Partner Dancing

What exactly is partner dancing? In this post, I give an overview of what is classified as partner dancing, and some examples of partner dances.

Virtual Dance Competition!

Oriental Dance Arts Association of Kuching is organising a virtual dance competition this year with many categories, including belly dance, Latin, aerial and more!

5 Reasons why “Emily In Paris” is a terrible show ~ A Review

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon and binge watched “Emily in Paris”. My take on it? It’s just a cringe fest with little redeeming qualities that needs a lot of suspension in real world logic. Here’s the top 5 things I found annoying about “Emily in Paris”.