My Photoshoot with Elisha Rusli

If you’re wondering where I got some of the professional-looking photos used in this website, they were taken during a photoshoot I had with Elisha of Bulletproof Branding and Design. Read about my experience and take a look at some of the photos!

Nibroll see/saw : a dancer’s perspective

I had the opportunity to be part of Nibroll see/saw at KLPac! My first time taking part in a theatrical dance production, and attempting contemporary.

Swing Out at Publika

LindyKL organised a swing dance event that was open and free to all recently. I lindy-hopped my way over and joined the crowd to dance the night away.

Kylie Dance Squad!

My sister and I went to take part in the Kylie Dance Squad in anticipation of the Kylie Minogue concert! Sadly, the concert got cancelled…

With Jo Kinser

Dance Funtasia 2007

Bronya, Kobee and I joined Dance Funtasia in 2007. It was a last-minute decision for me, but I was so glad I went. We had a blast!