With Jo Kinser

On a last-minute decision I decided to go for the Dance Funtasia competition in Penang from 15th to 17th June. The reason it was last-minute was because the entry fee was quite high (RM450 just to get into the door) and any competition fee will be added on. I didn’t have a team to go in with :( and I was initally going to forgo it altogether. But I was itching to go because I heard Guyton Mundy was going to be there and I totally love his hot moves!!! I met him and his wife three years ago when he was conducting a workshop here in KL and they were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Plus, it was a working weekend which means I’d have to take two days leave (Friday and Saturday). So after tossing about for a bit, I finally decided to go. The organisers kindly agreed to let me have the discounted rate (because after the cut-off date, I was supposed to pay the full fee which was more than the RM450). And I decided to try the choreography competition for fun, sending a dance I co-choreographed with Bronya and Kobee.

The week before the event, however, I found out Guyton had a foot injury and wouldn’t be able to make it. :'( Sob sob… But since I’ve already made the commitment, I was going to go.

I’m really glad I went. Initially I thought for the choreography competition we’d only need to teach the judges the dance, and wouldn’t need to dance it at all, but then I found out each choreographer had to showcase his/her dance to everyone, and I was going to panic because frankly, I wasn’t prepared and I couldn’t really remember the dance steps even though it was my own choreography. But fortunately I managed to pull it off, and not alone as Kobee was on the floor with me. Kobee had also joined the choreography competition (he had decided before I did), and Bronya and I joined him on the dance floor. Bronya sent in two entries but neither of us danced with her because… we hadn’t mastered her dances and we’d have looked like fools on the floor next to her. Haha!!! She’s a born performer anyway and pulled off her own performances beautifully.

Great news is that Bronya won the choreography competition – tied with a Penangite, Wei Chih. Both received invitations to conduct a workshop in a US competition this November (airfare not included) and to next year’s Funtasia (airfare included). Kobee and I didn’t win, but a lot of people came up to us to tell us they loved the way we danced.

Here are the pictures of us with the judges and workshop instructors. They’re all lovely people.

With Barry and Darri-Anne Amato
I’m with Barry and Darri-Anne Amato. Not only are they choreographers, they’re singers and TV producers too.
With Doug and Jackie Miranda
Bronya and I with Doug and Jackie Miranda. Doug emceed the latter half of the gala dinner and he’s one of the funniest guys I’ve ever heard speak. Jackie is just this cute, bubbly thing on the floor and in person!
With Jo Kinser
Bronya, Kobee and I with Jo Kinser. She’s so friendly and approachable. Lovely lady.

Definitely going back for Funtasia next year!

Update: Sadly, there was none; this was the last Dance Funtasia event in Malaysia to this date.