Review: Zumba with Sabby

This is not a review about Zumba. This is a review about Sabby and her Zumba classes.

What is… Zumba

You definitely have heard of “Zumba” before. But what is it? Let me tell you what it actually is, how it got started, and where you can learn!

What is… Cardio Dance

Cardio dance, aka fitness dance and dance workout, is a fitness workout based on dance movements. Here are the benefits of cardio dance, examples of cardio dances, and where to learn!


I don’t like running. There, I’ve said it. So if I don’t like running, why is this blog full of marathons and ultramarathons??

Running the full marathon in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017

I ran the full marathon at the SCKLM 2017 in May this year. Sadly, didn’t hit sub-6. Still, it was a good run.

King of Kampung Kemensah 2017

My trail run at this year’s King of Kampung Kemensah went much better than it did last year, even though it was a longer route. Plus, this blogpost is only 3 months late! An improvement for me all around!

King of Kampung Kemensah 2016

This was my second trail run participation. And yes, this blogpost is 15 months late.

My second 50km road ultra at Route 68 2017

My second attempt at a 50km road ultramarathon was one of the most mentally challenging runs for me, personally. Especially with less than an hour’s sleep before the run.

TITI Ultra 50

My first 50km traversing ultra at Titi Ultra – one of the toughest road ultra marathons in Malaysia! I came, I saw, I finished!!!

Ultra Marathons – Loops vs Traversing

Wondering what’s the difference between a loop and a traversing ultra marathon? Here’s a brief explanation based on my experience.