I wasn’t a fan of trails. Still am not. I don’t mind the occasional hike, but truth be told, I don’t like trails because I HATE CLIMBING STAIRS. And a lot of trails here have a lot of stairs!

And even those that don’t have stairs… well, I’m just not good at trails, because I am clumsy and tend to fall easily, so I usually go really slow on trails because I am too busy watching my step to make sure I don’t roll down the ravine.

By this time I had already tried one trail run at the Eventbiz Charity Trail Run 2016. So this would be my second trail run.

I had signed up for this with Luan, so we made our way to the community hall in Kampung Kemensah bleary-eyed, early on 22nd May 2016 to collect our race kits before the run began.

Located in a village off Jalan Ampang, it was nice and peaceful, though not very quiet this morning as it was full of runners who had signed up for this event.

The starting line for the trail run
Me and Luan waiting for the flag-off. Because we were so early, we took this we-fie and then went for a walk, hence missing the actual flag-off.

Luan and I had signed up for the 10km event, which was supposed to flag off at 8am. But they had flagged off earlier than planned… Luan and I had sauntered up to the Start line about 10 minutes before 8, only to be told that the runners had already run off. So we had to quickly run behind the line to cross the timing mat, and then ran to try to catch up with the rest of the runners, who by that time were already nowhere to be seen. Actually, we didn’t even know which way to ran… we just kept to the main road, ignoring any side roads, hoping it was the right way; and we were reassured when we finally saw the marshals at the entrance leading to the actual trail.

What can I say about the trail? Well… it’s been 15 months since the trail run, and yes, I know I shouldn’t have waited so long before posting this blogpost… I can’t remember much, except that I was quite slow. And that I struggled through the trail, reaffirming my personal dislike for trails.

It’s quite a nice trail though. So here are some photos.

And… I’m in the trail!
Argh, look at how steep this section of the trail is! That smile is just for the camera.
One of the village houses visible from the road leading to the trail
Stream near the houses in the village
With some of the volunteers
And some more volunteers!


I wrote this blog just to say thank you to the organisers for a job well done. And here’s the blogpost about my participation in this year’s edition!