Missing Solitaire on your computer? Play it online for free. Warning: It’s deceptively addictive

If you think you won’t get hooked playing Solitaire‚Ķ think again.

Food Systems Challenge by InventFuture Global – My experience as a facilitator

During the last two weeks of July, I had the opportunity of working with an international team that had organized a global student challenge – the Food Systems Challenge! Here’s my experience as a facilitator.

2020 in Review ~ Goals I failed to achieve (and six things I’m grateful for!)

2020 has been quite a tumultuous one for all of us, and I am no exception. Here’s a review of the goals I failed to achieve, and the six things I’m grateful for.

Changing the battery on a Honda Spacy scooter

So, the battery in my scooter died recently. Obviously, I needed to get the battery changed; but every workshop I spoke to insisted that I have to bring…

My Useless Skill

So, I have a completely useless and unmonetizable skill. I even made a song and dance about it.

DORAEMON Pastilles – Food Review

So, with all the hype generated about the Women’s Ministry of Malaysia’s list of ridiculous advice to women, especially the one about speaking in a Doraemon voice and giggling coyly when speaking to their husbands… I happened to find some Doraemon Vitamin C pastilles in my home.

9th My Balloon Fiesta 2017

I finally went up on a hot air balloon! …. A tethered one, no doubt, but nevertheless a hot air balloon. Read about my experience at the 9th My Balloon Fiesta 2017.

2016 In Review

Doing a review of my year for the first time. This has been a year full of personal accomplishments, for me. A quick look on the year, and looking forward to the new year!

Free MRT Train Rides For A Month!

So I tried the free MRT train ride this morning, just because. And it was impressive!

Do Your Part! Stop Child Trafficking

Reach out and help the children! Contribute to a worthy cause that needs your support. Read more here.