Yes, this has been quite a tumultuous year for me. If I had been more regular with my blog posts, you would probably have seen it through my eyes, but it has also been a really busy one for me, and I have currently more than 10 pending blog posts that I am dying to put up, which were due since 2015. I never seem to be able to fulfill my resolution for being more regular with my blog. This will still go on my list of resolutions for 2017, and whether I can fulfill it remains to be seen.

So I am posting this first before uploading my pending posts, because it would not make sense to post this well after 2017 has started.

And this is the first time I am reviewing my year. I am only doing this because this has been quite a year for me, especially physically. I know my achievements pale in comparison to some of the real outstanding athletes. But these are my achievements, and this is my blog, so just nod along and applaud me okay!

Note: This blogpost will be updated over the new few months – upon completion of the pending blogposts, there will be backlinks.


  1. I finally finished my first full marathon, in January. Very slowly, I admit. I hadn’t been training for it. I walked most of the way, because I was just not ready for a full 42km. Thank goodness for the 8-hour cut-off time. I just about made it, in little more than 7 hours. (Throwback blogpost coming up)

    My ranking and time as per the official results of the Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon 2016
  2. I ran my furthest every distance in my second ultra marathon – 92km at the 24H, also in January. Another one that I haven’t trained for, but I just went for it. Err… it’s actually nothing much to shout about, because almost everyone else in the event did more than 100km. (Throwback blogpost coming up)

    Proof that I completed 92km
  3. I ran in my first international run at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon in July. Okay, I only ran the half-marathon, but now I am considered an international runner. Woohoo, I guess? (Throwback blogpost coming up)

    I ran in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon!
  4. I finally hit sub-3 in my half-marathon! Okay, probably an easy achievement for many of you, but I had been trying for the longest time without success. Finally after some coaching and advice by excellent running friends, I hit sub-3 easily in the second half of the year. Whee!


  1. I finally made the climb to Mount Kinabalu – and made it to the peak in time for sunrise! Went in March this year. (Throwback blogpost coming up)

    Made it to the peak of Mount Kinabalu!
  2. I participated in my first obstacle course race, and tried one of each type from a different organiser: Spartan, Viper, Mad Warrior. I also had a bad fall during the Viper course that sprained my ankle and put me out of action for a few months. (Throwback blogposts coming up)

    Great Eastern Viper Arena Challenge – the obstacle course during which I fell and badly sprained my ankle
  3. I passed my Latin Dance Associate examination! If you’re wondering what this item is doing in this adrenaline-seeking blog, just shuddup, smile and clap along. This was something I worked hard for.

    Me with Mr Chong, my teacher who guided and prepared me for the ISTD Latin Dance Associate examination. Thank you Mr Chong for your persistence and patience!

There have been also other major changes in my life; some positive and some negative. I will not dwell on the particulars. But every ending leads to a new beginning, and I have high hopes for the new year which starts tomorrow.

Happy New Year, everyone!