If you think you won’t get hooked playing Solitaire… think again.

Remember the days of playing Solitaire on the PC? It was one of the few games that were available for free that one could play solo on the computer.

Well… it’s still available on Windows-based computers. But for those who don’t have Windows-based laptops, it’s sad that we don’t really get to play them anymore. And I don’t know about you, but I hate downloading free games on my phone because of all the ads that constantly pop up. Plus, it takes up unnecessary space on the phone.

So it’s awesome to find a website which I could play my beloved games for free… plus additional games too. And they have beginner and advanced levels available for the various games too.

The classic Solitaire game
Klondike Solitaire is another version of Solitaire with 1-card or 3-card deal options
Ugh, 2-suit Spider Solitaire is sooooo harrrrrddd
I have yet to complete a Freecell game. It’s really much tougher than it looks.
In Pyramid, you take off pairs of cards that total to 13. This one is fairly easy to complete, but you have to take note of the cards that are under the visible ones.
Tripeaks is actually just click click. But you gotta click the cards that are one up or one lower than in the dealt card below. If you don’t select correctly, you can’t clear the decks.
Golf Solitaire is similar to Tripeaks. You click the available card that is one up or one down from the dealt card below, and try to clear the deck.
Mahjong Solitaire is playing matchy-matchy… you select the matching available tiles. Not as easy as it looks because of the colours, and trying to find the available tiles. It tests your observational skills!

When I started playing, I swear I thought, oh this is cool and I thought I was going to play for 10 minutes.

10 minutes later I found that 3 hours had passed.

Every card game and option comes with explanations on how to play the game. The games are pretty easy to play, actually, with very simple rules. But more often than not, many of them require strategic thinking and planning in order to be able to complete the game. It’s not just a matter of clicking.

I swear, the games are deceptively addictive. The games look easy, yet are so difficult to actually complete. In fact, the fewer the rules, the harder it always is to complete! It takes all my willpower to get off the website to stop playing. Every time I play, I’d end up playing again, either trying to complete the game or better my score.

Try to get off this website. I challenge you!

Try the games out at https://www.solitaire.org/