With my birthday less than a week away, I figured I might as well put something in celebration of my officially-turning-a-year-older day.

Since I’ve got y’all reading my website, here’s something for you to think about… what to get for moi on my big day.diamond-ring

checkboxDiamonds, preferably on a ring of my finger size


checkboxDiamond necklace and earrings are good too


checkboxI could also really do with a new car

lotsofcashcheckboxCash. The more the merrier


checkboxA new personal computer in the form of a desktop or a laptop

pdaphonecheckboxA PDA camera phone

sonyhandcamcheckboxA HDD videocamera!!!

plasmatvcheckboxPlasma TV. I heard that they’re replacing diamonds as a girl’s best friend

holidaybeachcheckboxA long holiday to an exotic location

sugardaddycheckboxA rich sugar daddy (hehehehehe…)

OK, if you’re looking for a serious wishlist… they’re all serious. I really want all the above.

On the chance that some of you can’t afford any of the above, however, you can get me these instead. If you have better ideas, feel free to splurge – I mean, buy other things for me :)

lotsofbookscheckboxA good book. If you don’t know what book to get, ask me. Or get me book vouchers instead

lotsofsofttoyscheckboxSoft toys are always accepted by all girls

darkchocolatecheckboxChocolates. Preferably dark chocs. Yum yum

jubileejewelrycheckboxCostume jewellery’s great too. But not the cheap ones, please. Silver looks good on me

sonyhandcamcheckboxA HDD VIDEOCAMERA!!!

Even if my birthday has passed, you can still buy gifts for me. They’re always welcome.

Here’s what not to get for me:

  1. The latest instalment of the Harry Potter books. I’ve already pre-ordered it myself.
  2. Anything remotely related to Japanese cartoons. This includes merchandise such as toys, cards, books, pictures, whatever. Hello Kitty is #1 on my hate-list, and Ultraman is #2.
  3. Ferrero Rocher. I know they’re the favourites of lots of people, but not of me.
  4. Mugs. I’ve got too many of them.
  5. Taps, hoses, or any other plumbing accessory.

This is a shot from my birthday in 2005, taken during a small little surprise party thrown by my then dance team.

mybday05OK… seriously, I’m not expecting anything for my birthday. Seriously. You don’t really have to buy me anything. A nice hug and a simple card will be just fine, really :)

Ooh, when is my birthday, you ask? … find out yourself.