Ah, it’s that time of the year again… for me to make my wishlist. I’m a bit late this year (I usually create this list a few weeks in advance), but I’ve been so bogged down by work that I haven’t even had time to think about the wishlist.


Apple iPad 1st Generation
I want the Apple iPad. Like, really, really, really want it. You know Phil of Modern Family? I’m like him in terms of wanting the iPad. Not as bad. OK, almost. Really.
Sony Video Camera
I need to get a new videocamera for my videography biz, hint hint. Preferably HD HDD as shown in the above pic.
Nikon D90
Nikon D90. Or a better DSLR. *winkwink*
Macbook Air
A Macbook Air!!! I’ve been asking for this since last year and NO ONE’S gotten me one :(:(

I’ve just realised I’ve only listed electronics here. To prove I’m not a total geek, I also would really like any of these:

I’d totally love a new car… preferably a Ferrarri. I won’t drive this to school. Well, probably not.
House by the beach
I need a house by the beach so I can chill after a stressful day at school.
Maui beachfront
If you can’t get me a house, an all-expense trip to Maui would be more than lovvvvveely.
You know what they say… diamonds are a girl’s best friend!


This should help you do your shopping for me! :):)

OKOK…. IF you are unable to source for any of the above for me, I suppose I would also like any of the following:

  1. Book vouchers! I’m trying to complete the Terry Pratchett Discworld collection. So far I’ve only got… eleven out of 30+ of the books in the series.
  3. Costume jewellery is nice. I’d prefer real diamonds or gems… but imitation is fine.
  4. Free movie or concert tickets! Especially Gold Class or VIP!
  5. Have I said dark chocolates?

Here are some pointers on what not to get me…

  1. Ferrerro Rocher. I do not like Ferrerro Rocher. Daniel Chew, please shuddup.
  2. I know they’re cute and/or pretty, but please don’t get me any decorations or trinkets to put on desks or shelves because they’ll end up sitting there collecting dust.
  3. Soft toys. I like them but I’ve got too many of them now and I don’t know where to put them.
  4. Plumbing accessories, which I haven’t gotten for the past few years, phew!

Actually, all I want is for people to remember my birthday this year without me reminding them. And not ask me to do work on my birthday, please. Please please please.