With my birthday around the corner, it’s time to do my annual wishlist! Actually it’s only my second wishlist because I made my wishlist for the first time EVER last year. See how undemanding I am? Or rather, how I used to be. Hahaha.

Last year, I received one gift from my wishlist… which came with more than what I wanted. Erm, I don’t mean I only received one gift. I received quite a few, some also from my wishlist, but this particular one I was referring to came with very interesting packaging. Read on to find out what it was…

So anyway folks, here is my wishlist for 2008:


Yeah, that will be my wish the day I am a beauty pageant finalist, which won’t ever happen in this lifetime. So here’s my real wishlist:

checkboxDiamonds. Big ol’ rocks

checkboxMy own mansion, in my own name, 100% paid for

checkboxA credit card with unlimited spending limit, in my name

checkboxA brand new phone. I have my eye on the Apple iPhone…

laptopcheckboxA new computer/laptop? Drool…

luxurycarcheckboxLuxury car… ooohhh….

shell_vs_cokecheckboxPetrol to go with the car? It’s really expensive… Hahahahaha.

Can’t afford the above? The following are fine…

bday2007-toilet2checkboxBooks. Or book voucher. Minus the toilet seat cover. (This is the present I received last year!)

jewelrycheckboxJewelry. If not diamond, then white gold or silver. Hehe.

darkchocolatecheckboxChocolates of the dark variety. Yumm.

sonyhandcamcheckboxHDD videocamera! I still haven’t got one!!!

Here are what not to get me:

checkcrossHello Kitty merchandise. Or merchandise of any other Japanese cartoon character.

checkcrossChick lit or romance novels. I don’t read those kind of stuff.

checkcrossFerrero Rocher. I don’t really like this chocolate brand. Get me chocs from Belgium or Switzerland…

By the way, I won’t be in town on my birthday, so don’t be offended when you don’t receive a thank-you reply if you sent me a birthday greeting. Alternatively, you can wish me happy birthday using the comment form below!

When’s my birthday, you ask? Surely you should know by now!