Selling a home is a big decision to make.  When most buyers purchase a property, they see themselves living out their lives within those walls, but that’s not meant to be for most people.  The average person moves at least eleven times in their life, so it’s okay to admit it’s time for a change.

If you’re unsure whether it’s time to sell your home, consider if one of these life changes has happened to you.

When You’ve Outgrown It

When you purchased your home, it might have just been you, your partner, and one child.  Time changes everything, and you may now find yourself with two children with another on the way; you can quickly outgrow a property!  If you’re outgrowing a property, it’s okay to admit it.  Instead of trying to have four children share one bedroom or giving up your home office, selling so that you can go larger is a great option!

When It’s Suddenly Too Much Space

Other couples may find that they suddenly have too much space once their children get older.  A five-bedroom home may have been a great choice for the last twenty or more years, but after your kids go off to college, you quickly realize that you don’t need all of that space.  Kids’ rooms can become gyms, guest rooms, and home offices, but many know they’re just buying items they don’t need to fill space they don’t want.  Downsizing is a great reason to sell.  It can also ensure that you have a nice little nest egg leftover if your home was paid off!

If You Want Profit Over Property

Is the housing market going wild where you live?  If you’re seeing homes selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars higher than they were worth just ten years ago, you may be inspired to sell as well.  This isn’t a terrible reason to leap!  If Calgary homes for sale are going at prices you want to replicate, take the chance and take the steps forward so that you can sell as well.

You’re Craving a Large Life Change

The largest life change many take is moving away from an area that they’ve lived in for years of their life.  Although this may not seem like a huge shift if you’re from a military family or grew up moving a lot, moving from state to state can change many peoples’ views on life!  To achieve this, selling your home is a must.  Although you could rent it out for income, managing it out of state can be a lot of work many don’t want to take on.

You Can Afford an Upgrade

Did you buy your current home when it was all you could afford, and you’re now ready to take a step up?  This doesn’t mean you have to buy more space, but you can buy a home that fits your style and your needs a lot better.  This is a great reason to sell a home and one of the top reasons people do it!

Image credit: Photo by Joss Woodhead on Unsplash