I am not much of a computer game player. I mean, I do play electronic games, but I kind of suck at them. Honestly, I am quite bad at the Snake game on the old Nokia phones. All my friends can play for hours with the snake getting longer than they can fit on the screen, but I’d be busy crashing into myself or the wall before my next eye blink.

Having said that though, I usually enjoy single-player games where the stakes are low; compared to multi-player games, because I would usually lose! At least with single player games, I’m busy laughing at myself at how bad I am, instead of other people laughing at me.


plays.org is is full of free online games suitable for all ages and levels

So when I came across this game website, it was a pleasant surprise. The games designed here are totally up my ally. They’re all online, so we can play them ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. (I don’t like it when game designers force me to download apps on my phone… too much clutter on my phone, lots of background updates using my data, space being taken up, and leaves my phone open to hacking if the apps are not updated.)

Many of these games are single-player games, although some are multiplayer, where you can play against another player who is online. I tried some of them and they are ridiculously fun… I found myself laughing out loud so often when I fail at something so basic. And makes me want to try again.

I found this when I was looking for educational games for my students to play. With so much online learning, it can get pretty exhausting for students to just listen to the teacher talk… so I wanted to find a way to engage the students and make use of their Physics knowledge. Yes, I am a nerd.

It was pleasant to see that this site also included several Physics games. Trust me, they are not easy. It was embarrassing how it took me so many tries to get past a level in some of the games.

It is embarrassing for me as a Physics teacher to admit it took me almost 10 tries to get past this level. And this is only Level 2.
I also totally enjoy word problems… and in this case, I mean games involving words. I usually slay everybody else at games likes these.


Some people think that playing games is a waste of time. Well, too much playing is a waste of time. But playing games in itself has a lot of benefits.

For one, it helps release a lot of stress. When someone is having fun, the body releases a lot of dopamine, which enables the body to relax. I often find that after long sessions of work and meeting deadlines, playing fun games really helps my muscles unclench and unwind.

Playing games have also been found to improve reaction time and muscle agility. For example, did you know that fighter pilots play a lot of video games?? Okay, it’s more of being in a simulator, which is pretty much a virtual reality video game. But yes, most games require you to think fast, react fast, and move fast.

Do Gamers Make Better Drone Operators Than Pilots? | Daily Planet | Air &  Space Magazine
One of the best things about being a fighter pilot is that you get to play a lot of games. Errr…. right? Image source: https://www.airspacemag.com/daily-planet/could-video-gamers-make-better-drone-pilots-180964653/

And, as silly as it sounds, it also gives one a sense of achievement. And I’m not just talking about educational games. When we manage to defeat a particularly challenging foe, or get past a difficult level, it’s like… “Woohoo! I leveled up! Achievement unlocked! New badge!” And it reaffirms that we shouldn’t give up. And when we can’t get past, we would constantly be thinking of how to get past that challenge.

So I gotta say, I super enjoyed playing the games on this website. With more than 200 games (and counting), we are certainly spoilt for choice. Of course, as always, some games are not quite my thing, so to find a new game, I would just hit “Random Plays”; and sometimes I can get caught up in a game for ages because it can be so addictive.

And the best thing about them is that… all the games are FREE!

Check them out at https://plays.org. Seriously you won’t regret it. Well, you might regret the amount of time you spent on the website, but that is a totally different matter.

Even playing something as silly as this with just keyboard strokes can be so addictive!
Yayyyy I won!