With the Internet booming the way it is, everything is now accessible and copy-and-pasteable. I suppose it would come to this soon enough, but it’s disheartening when it happens anyway.

My last blog post on the trojan attack was one that I wrote with a lot of thought, and with the intention of getting the word out to help people who have suffered… and I’m glad that my post did, with a lot of thanks to Mike who provided us with a very useful script to remove the trojan from our infected websites. (Thanks, Mike! You’re a life-saver!!!!)

But I didn’t realise that some people wanted to claim credit for the post that was written. Instead of providing a link to my post, someone copied the entire text word for word, and pasted it on a public forum, without giving any credit whatsoever. Not even a link to my website, or a thank-you! And the image on the forum is linked directly from my website, so I’m losing traffic bandwidth to that forum post, too. And unfortunately I forgot to watermark that image, so no one knows it was taken from my site.

This amount to plagiarism, and of course the Internet being accessible the way it is, it happens. A lot of people plagiarise other people’s work, especially students who are supposed to do research.

I’m just expressing my disappointment that someone who claims to be  a webmaster can rip off another person’s work like this. Makes you wonder about all his other posts, and his work too. I’m guessing this won’t be my last plagiarised post, as I do intend to keep writing about anything I’ve found out to help everyone else out there.

Original post: http://www.zyenweb.com/2009/12/30/trojan-attack-jsillredir-b-trj
Plagiarised post: http://www.wjunction.com/showthread.php?p=194510#post194510

I reported it to the forum moderators who were very quick to add the credits and they moved the image to another location so that my traffic bandwidth isn’t stolen. Kudos to WJunction for their quick response… but nevertheless I am still disappointed with the person who ripped my blog post off.