Last weekend, I went with my friend Luan to Fraser’s Hill for a running bootcamp where we stayed at Puncak Inn.

Since we stayed one night there, I figured we can write a brief review about our stay there. It may not be the correct overall representation of Puncak Inn as we were staying there under a group package, hence I’m writing this as a “Brief Review”.

We really couldn’t expect too much of Puncak Inn, because it’s a budget hotel. We paid RM160 each for the workshop, which included a night’s stay and four meals, which was really ridiculously affordable!

Me and Luan in front of Puncak Inn, where we were staying
Me in front of the clock tower


Puncak Inn is a budget hotel at Fraser Hill’s town center, facing the clock tower and roundabout a short distance after exiting the Gap Road. Refurbished into a semi-boutique resort and managed by Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation, the hotel’s reception counter also doubles up as a public tourist information center, with brochures available for visitors to collect. Accommodation is provided in small but cosy rooms equpped with television set, fans and attached bathroom with hot water shower. The larger Junior Suite and Family rooms get a couch which can double up as an extra bed. Of note is a viewpoint area with gazebo that lies above the hotel along the hill slope, overlooking the town and golf course.

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Luan and I stayed in a twin-shared room on the third floor. There was no lifts, so we would have to walk up the wooden stairs to get to our room.

The room had a bit of a musty smell when we first got in, as if it hadn’t been aired out enough. We had to open all the windows and the door, and switched on the fan full blast to try to get the smell to dissipate, which never really quite went away.

There was obviously no air-conditioning unit, because Fraser’s Hill was already really cold!

Of course, this being a budget hotel, not everything was in perfect condition. But the beds were not too bad actually; comfortable enough for a night’s sleep.

Oh, and just a tip: if you want to shower with hot water, switch the water heater on for at least 10 minutes before getting into the shower. The water heater takes some time to heat up, and it does get really nice and hot!

The beds in our twin room
The TV area and dresser in our room
The bathroom in our room


The staff at Puncak Inn were very friendly and hospitable. Every question we asked was promptly answered politely. And personally I found them quite obliging. When I came back from my trail run limping because my foot was hurting (due to my ongoing metatarsalgia injury), I asked for ice from the kitchen, which the kitchen staff quickly put into a bag without question or hesitation. Okay, so that was a really minor request, but I think it still counts and it did show how good the service was. And when the food in the buffet ran out, they were quick to refill it when we asked.


As for the meals, well… Our group package included four meals, i.e. lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

The indoor section of the cafe in Puncak Inn
The outdoor section of the cafe in Puncak Inn

The meals we had were quite mixed in terms of how they taste. We felt the lunch on Saturday could be a lot better; the rendang was a little too spicy, and the fish was too salty. Dinner on Saturday was marginally better. I kept looking for hot drinks to drink, but they only provided cold sweet drinks, and the only hot drink was hot water.

Saturday lunch at Puncak Inn. Could be better, really.
Saturday dinner, which was better than lunch.

What we liked best was breakfast on Sunday, because it had a wide spread, and it was really quite good. The nasi lemak was delicious, and so was the mee goreng. There was also bread which included their own home-made bread, which was dense but tasty. And finally, hot coffee and tea were available.

Sunday breakfast, which was actually quite good. And we finally had hot coffee and tea available.

Lunch on Sunday on the other hand wasn’t as good as breakfast, but it was much better than lunch on Saturday. Actually, it isn’t really too bad – I did go for second helpings.

Sunday’s lunch before we headed off for home. Breakfast was still better though.


Overall… one can’t complain too much especially if one hasn’t paid that much to stay there.