So if you read my post about RevRun 2015, at the end, I mentioned that Andrew, Oppy and I were part of the video promoting RevRun 2016. You can see us running through the woods, almost at the beginning at 0:02, and again at 0:48. I am the one in the white top.


REVRUN 2016REVIVE ISOTONIC #REVRUN IS BACK! Check out the video on what you can expect from this unique Road/Environment/Viper run that’s powered by #ReviveIsotonic. Registrations are open now at

Posted by Viper Challenge on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How did we get ourselves into the video, even though it was for a grand total of maybe 2 seconds?


We had crossed the Finish Line, and we were waiting in line to collect our medals. Andrew had gone to the refreshments tent to get us some Revive when this cool-looking dude with a ponytail came up to Oppy and me, and asked, “Would you like to be in a RevRun video?”

A… what?

He explained briefly – a video to promote the RevRun. He was from the Viper team, and they were looking for volunteers to be featured in the short promo video.

Never one to turn down the chance for an exciting new experience, I said, “YES!” without hesitation. With Oppy in hand, we grabbed the confused Andrew from the refreshment tent and followed the dude to his pick-up truck, where two other teams who had also said yes were waiting.

What about our finisher medals and t-shirts that we haven’t collected, and were waiting in line for, though? Don’t worry, he assured us. After the shooting was done, we would definitely still be able to collect our entitlements.

Side note, my sincerest apologies for not writing the name of the dude – this is a 14-month-old blogpost, and I am seriously not good with names. He did tell us, but unfortunately I have forgotten it. Sorry, dude!

The three of us managed to score seats inside the pickup truck
With the dude who was driving the truck to bring us to the shooting location

Our team sat inside the pickup truck, while the other two teams had the fun of sitting in the open back of the truck. We were driven into the forest where the Environment trail run was.

Shooting didn’t start straight away. The shooting team switched on the smoke machine first, and had trouble with it because the generator wasn’t working. We had to wait while they brought in a new generator and they had to do several test shoots to see if the smoke was sufficient for the shoot.

Oppy snatching an opportunity to take a photo while the guys get the smoke machine ready

So… while waiting for the smoke machine to be ready, the three of us decided to take advantage of the pretty shadows to take photos.

Me jumping against the pretty light!
Run, Zyen, Run!
Andrew puts on a stance!
Our team jump!

Once the smoke machine was pumping, they got the all-boys team to run through the smoke as a test shot to see if it looks good on screen.

The all-boys team doing a test run through the smoke generated by the smoke machine

Once the shooting team was happy with how it looked onscreen, they got the three teams to take turns to run through the smoke on the trail a few times each.

All in all, shooting only took about half an hour.

We were then driven back to the holding area, but not before we met a stop – for the pickup truck to pull the van up the steep slope, as the van could not make it on its own. We had to get out of the truck (obviously) for this to be done effectively.

The pickup truck pulling up the van with a rope

All in all, we were away for about 1.5-2 hours. And we did manage to get our entitlements without difficulty, as promised!

Andrew, Oppy, and I with our Finisher medals!

The videographers told us that they cannot promise that our footage would be used, as it depends on how they put everything together in the end.

Still, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously… and they did use our footage, even though our faces were not identifiable, haha!

Thanks dude for approaching us, and thanks to the shooting team for the interesting experience!

Our team wefie!