THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED REVIEW. This is an honest review. I paid full price for the services, okay.

Nailed It! Say the phrase, and what may come to mind are various baking fails that have been shared on social media… many of which were turned into memes.

Cookie Monster Cupcake Fail
An example of a cupcake fail that has become a Nailed It meme. No, it’s not mine, although mine would probably come out worse than this. Source: Random Google image search

That is the basis of the hilarious good-natured baking show on Netflix which originated in USA, which has become so popular that it generated many spin-offs in other countries.

Netflix Nailed It
Netflix’s wildly popular show Nailed It, hosted by Nicole Byer in the original and has spin-offs in Mexico, Spain, France and Germany.

But… I am not here to talk about baking fails or TV shows.


So one of my dearest friends opened her own nail salon recently. It has been quite a challenging start for her and her business partner as delays in the mall construction delayed the opening of her salon, and just when they were about to open their doors, there was a nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, they finally managed to throw their doors open to the public in August 2020!

Here’s what the front of the shop looks like.


I used to go for manicure and pedicure regularly when I was taking part in dance competitions, but eversince I started taking up other physical activities such as running, and after that I started riding a sports bike, I cut out going for the regular pampering because… well, my nails would always get scuffed, my hands would be in gloves and my feet would be in closed shoes. So, what for, right?

And it was only when I visited Nailed It that Norul educated me. “I don’t really want the mani/pedi services,” I said when I was perusing their service menu. “I just want some care for my feet and hands,” I explained as I showed off my dismal-looking feet in their terrible uncared-for condition. “I don’t want colour because I rode my bike here and the shoes and gloves will spoil the finish.”

“Manicure and pedicure services are to take care of your feet and hands; we shape your nails and clean the cuticles,” Norul had explained. “Adding nail colour is an added service and it’s optional.”

Well, we learn something new everyday.

We started with a footsoak while we relaxed in the comfortable armchair. The girls working at Nailed It were equipped with the proper face shields, face masks and gloves as per SOP. Originating from Myanmar, they were experienced nail therapists who spoke quite good English and were quite young and pretty.

Well, the last bit isn’t important to me, but I know it’s important to some of you who would like something pleasant to look at other than your own feet (even if it’s ladies looking at other ladies), so that’s why I threw that bit in.

Decked out in full protective gear with face shield, face mask and gloves while tending to my feet.

So while I continued chatting and catching up with Norul, I had my cuticles cleaned, and my nails shaped and buffed. I even had a paraffin treatment done. My hands were so beautifully soft and smooth. All for only RM88! I felt so delightfully pampered!

My nails! They look very bland here because I did not opt for colours in this service. Instead I had my nails shaped and buffed.


Well, anyone who knows me knows that I do not write reviews for the sake of writing reviews. I don’t write them just because friends ask me to. I only write good reviews when I think they deserve it.

Yes, Nailed It really is worth your time and money!

Why go to Nailed It when there are so many other nail salons around?

The owners of Nailed It are passionate about nails (why else would they open a nail salon?) and they are fully aware of how important an experience is in a nail salon – the ambience, the atmosphere, and the attention. All of which Nailed It nailed it!

The good thing about Nailed It also is that they don’t push you to sign up for packages, and you can easily arrange appointments through their Instagram.


Nailed It is located on the second floor of Tropicana Gardens Mall in Kota Damansara. For now, parking is free (the mall has newly opened this year). You can also easily get to the mall by taking the MRT to the Surian stop which is connected right to the mall.

The nail salon is located at 2F-39, right opposite Life Hot Yoga.

To make an appointment, just DM them in their Instagram page or Whatsapp them at 018 222 5529.