Surya Yoga has been organising detox retreats for the past few years, and I finally decided to join the retreat this year. I didn’t know what to expect or what I’d be experiencing… so I have written everything I have gone through, and I’m sharing it with you.

My friends expressed concern about my going for the retreat. The detoxification consisted of a juice fast, and the juice was going to be made of a mixture of vegetables and fruits. I liked fruits, so that was no problem; it was vegetables I didn’t like. If I am not satisfied after a meal, no matter how much I’ve eaten, I still wouldn’t feel full.

Detox retreat organised by Surya Yoga
Detox retreat organised by Surya Yoga

Plus, I don’t like getting hungry. When I get too hungry, I usually get quiet, irritable, and grumpy; I’m not much fun to be around when I’m hungry but I have no way of fulfilling that hunger. This is why I have never tried going on a fast prior to this, whether completely abstain from food or a liquid fast.

Juice fasting is not something that should be jumped into immediately. It is something we need to ease into, by slowing our diet down in the few days leading to the juice fast. We could still eat vegetables and fruits, but no meat or dairy products. Heavy meat-eaters should start slowing their diet down about seven days prior to the fast. This was important to prepare the body to go into the fast, to make the fast less of a shock to our system.

I did attempt to slow my diet down for two days, as advised by Jo from Surya Yoga (see below). I went completely vegetarian on Wednesday (not something I’d want to repeat! I was so hungry by Wednesday night), but I … err… kind of cheated on Thursday night. I will not say anymore lest Jo scolds me (sorry, Jo!).

So… here’s my Detox Retreat Diary, presented in chronological form. Sorry if it’s long, I just wanted to share every moment of it!

The participants of this year's detox retreat at Janda Baik, sans Jo (who was taking the photo)
The participants of this year’s detox retreat at Janda Baik, sans Jo (who was taking the photo)

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